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overwhelming? stressful? This app's goal is to change that! We aim to help simplify the process of prepping for, and  Join the Virtual Career Fair for new and soon-to-be graduates and find the right graduate programme to Follow us on social media and stay updated! You will get a confirmation email and calendar reminder - just as with a physical event!

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Think of it as speed dating for jobs. Final Thoughts. As a rule of thumb, always send a follow-up email to the company representatives you meet at career fairs. But using your follow-up emails as another way to sell yourself can be a game-changer and something you’ll never want to short-change again. Lauren was tired of the frustrated and forgotten feelings that are all too common during the job search—so, she decided to make her own luck. Sample Follow-up Email to an employer: Dear (fill in name of recruiter here): It was a pleasure speaking to you at the (fill in name of the career fair) at UW-Madison on (fill in date).

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"". Traditionally, a handwritten thank-you letter is a more impressive approach to job fair follow-up. However, an email allows you to follow up quickly and with  Everything candidates need to know for a smooth virtual fair experience.

Career fair follow up email

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Career fair follow up email

Follow the below tips and suggestions for before, during, and after a virtual career fair to get the "Follow" that employer within the fair to be notified when additional sessions are available. Tip: include a headshot w During the career fair, I heard a few recruiters mention that they prefer you “ bombard” them with emails and be persistent.

Career fair follow up email

Follow up within 24 hours.
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Career fair follow up email

September 18, 2014. Ms. Jennifer Smith. Human Resource Representative. Company Name. City, State. Aim to send your career fair follow-up email within 24 hours of the event.

Are you wondering why? Well, it’s because tons of candidates are going to meet a single recruiter in a career One benefit of a fast email follow-up is that you can send copies of your resume and other supporting materials to the recruiter in an email. You should hand out resumes at the fair, but the email is a way to get your materials noticed outside the rush of the fair. Note the attachments in the email to direct the recruiter to them. Aim to send your career fair follow-up email within 24 hours of the event. Why? Recruiters are perpetually inundated with email and don’t always have time to respond to every connection or follow up.
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As noted earlier, it can be difficult to follow up on a virtual job fair, as you may not have been able to gather actual names or email contacts at the “event.”. In-person job fairs, however, offer a wealth of opportunity to reconnect later, and you should be planning to take full advantage of the contacts you make. 2. Follow-up with employers. At the career fair you were probably gathering as many business cards as you could, and now it’s important to follow-up with the recruiting contacts you met. Send an email, thank you letter or make a phone call.

What to say. Your email should be professional, specific, and polite. Steps to write the follow up email. Writing a follow up email after a career fair isn’t hard - let’s break it down. First things first, the subject line. Mention the career fair in the subject line so they know immediately why you’re contacting them. Start the email by thanking them for their time and reference the conversation you had at the career fair.
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Next, you should reintroduce yourself to the recruiter. During a typical career fair, 3. Thank them for Here are a few tips for writing the perfect follow up email after a job fair: Make sure your subject line is straightforward to read. Try something like “Re: Career Fair Opportunity” or “Thanks for Make the email fairly brief, but not so short that it loses meaning. You’ll want to pack as much Be patient while the recruiter sifts through messages, and follow the 3x3 rule—follow up no more than three times, at least three business days apart. Your goal is to be persistent, not annoying.

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Writing an email like this is meant to re-affirm your interest in the company and help get you in touch with the hiring manager, not tell your life story. A follow-up email is the difference between someone throwing resumes at the wall to see what sticks and the person who is genuinely interested in working with you. When do I send a follow-up email?